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Posted by Yuen Yim Low on

Names (L-R):
Left: Benny, Rebekah
Right: Erin, Charlotte, Ashley

What did you choose to pursue your passion in – singing or dancing? What inspired you to pursue your passion?

My passion is singing. When I started to sing back in Sunday school at Sitiawan, Wesley, I loved it so much that I told God I would sing for him and not for secular. As I sang for him behind my yard at that time looking up to the skies, my neighbours saw and were giggling. I knew then God had led me to remember that day. I’ve never lost the passion since then, the boldness to sing for Jesus! – Benny

My passion is singing. How complex it is for the body to produce sound (using the sum of all parts) and yet how easy it seems once you know how to harness it. I love the complexity of the voice, and I believe in the power of the voice to convey a message. So sing well, sing with joy – Rebekah

Since I was a child, I have always loved dancing. The dancers I personally know of and the dance shows/ movies/ videos like “So You Think You Can Dance?”, the “Step Up” movie series and dance choreographies from YouTube inspires me to pursue my passion in dance – to continually learn and improve my dancing skills – Erin

My love for dance grew when I saw how dance could express different emotions felt by the dancers. Of how dance could tell a story and inspire and move people’s hearts through the intensity of the dance moves. I was born with an incapacity to sing as I believe I am partly tone deaf, but I loved the idea of dancing. I wanted dance to be an avenue to express my emotions and stages of life that I am in. So I went ahead and took basic dance classes. Bringing that idea and love of dance into motion confirms my love for dancing, and it has grown since. I thank God for blessing me with hands and legs so I could in the period of my life bring praises to Him through my dance moves. I am blessed. Praise the Lord – Ashley

A love for movement and the chance to use it as a means of expressions is the reason I love to dance. Dance and music can convey a message when words are not enough. When I watch others dance, and I am touched beyond what I can see, then I am deeply inspired to continue to pursue this passion of mine. So that one day, people who are watching what I do will be touched and inspired as well – Charlotte