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Sermon Reflection - A Peace that Lasts

Posted by Abbey Thangiah on

We are recovering from the pandemic, or are we? It is encouraging to see the church meeting again after being closed for so long. There are no more restrictions to travel locally. We can still travel within the country without any issues. We can seek tranquility by hiking up a hill or driving to a beach. We can also dine with our friends to catch up with old times. I never knew the joy of sitting down at a cafe sipping my ‘Kopi O Kosong’ with friends. It will be exciting to see what the future holds.

Many are still fearful as the Covid 19 virus has not gone away. With new variants, many are still vigilant and uncertain of what the future holds. I have a good friend who has not left the house since March 2020 despite getting the vaccine. Some are fearful of the vaccine itself. A good Christian family friend of 30 years is stubborn to even get the vaccine despite all the research. Sadly, he has sided with the opinions of many doctors and scientists that the vaccine is not the conclusive solution. I can only pray for them. 

It was a joy to meet my mother and 2 of my uncles in person since last Christmas. They came down from Ipoh to assist with discharging my uncle from hospital and sending him home. Since the pandemic, I have been worried for my senior parents and have decided to meet them until most issues surrounding the pandemic have ended or at least resolved to a satisfactory level. I thank God that all my family members are pro vaccine and now my nephews and nieces are getting vaccinated. I look forward to this Christmas where finally the family can come together without any fear and worry. 

I also thank God that live events are back. I am now able to perform stand up comedy in venues and some events are hybrid. Since losing my job because of the pandemic, driving Grab has given me the flexibility to stay up late for international online events and drive later the following day. The flexible working hours and lockdown has also allowed me to explore the creative side of me and allowed me to make more local and international connections which would be impossible if it wasn't for the pandemic.

The Peace of God surpasses all understanding. It is like the vast ocean. As we see waves and ripples on the surface, there is a sense of calm and steadfastness as we dive deeper and grow with God. While many wellness gurus and postmodern teachings also teach their followers to achieve peace, we believe that our peace is rooted in Jesus. We believe that this peace is a result of what Christ did on the cross. God’s plan has always been to reconcile our relationship with God and strengthen our relationship with each other. Thank you Lord for bringing us out of this pandemic and we hope that you continue to be with us. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!