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Sermon Reflection - Being With Jesus

Posted by Michelle Chuah on

We all go through different seasons in our lives. Jesus also went through childhood and adulthood like us. But as an adult His response to His Father in Heaven is a blood covenant which He would not trade for the water of the womb here on earth. For His covenant with His Father is a pledge of loyalty which supersedes non covenantal relationships. When we choose to be Christians, we enter into a covenantal relationship with Jesus  and by extension, a relationship with God.

I remember that when I accepted Jesus into my life that my allegiance with God cannot be traded for any demands even those of my earthly parents although I did struggle with the commandment to honour my parents or to obey God.

Yet, looking back, I have no regrets as Jesus has always been with me since the day I pledge my allegiance to Him. Life is full of challenges yet Jesus has always been with me even when I curled up into my cocoon when times get rough, tough and the storm seems to be endless. 

There is always Hope for a better tomorrow when I call upon Jesus Christ and pray. He has provided support through sisters in Christ to pray alongside with me. God has never forsaken me even though the world has; but He restores what the moth has eaten in His own way and even more abundantly than what I deserved.

And now in this present season, He has placed me to care for my elderly mother in law who is blind, partially deaf and going through second childhood. By being with Jesus, I gather strength and peace as I surrender all circumstances to Him. Yet I am only human and do lose my patience and my peace at times. Still I am being molded to be more Christlike  everyday as I seek Him and read His Word.     

May each of us learn to be with Jesus always in all we face and do so that we will be like Jesus and usher in the least and the lost into His kingdom.