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Sermon Reflection - Biblical Worldview of Creation Care

Posted by Michelle Chuah on

As I recall Senior Pastor Chris’ call for Creation Care and Eileen’s sharing on our stewardship of Creation Care; I remember the activities that I was involved in educating the young children in the early part of the 21st century in caring for our environment. I hope that the group of young children who are today in their late 20s and early 30s remember the purpose of learning to care for our environment, the world we live in.

I was a primary school teacher who had recently moved into a large school as I moved into my new house. I met a good Christian teacher who was passionate about helping the school run a Nature Society besides generating funds for the school. 

I was impressed as the school’s recycling program started by her had led to trips and activities for the children to partake in regarding nature study and visits to animal sanctuaries such as relocation of elephants in Perak. 

As the government was also into encouraging the preservation of nature, our school was  invited to partake in a trip to replant mangrove tree seedlings in Kuala Selangor. This was a memorable experience for the children who were led to walk in the mangrove swamp to plant the seedlings and they were told that they were helping to save the fishes from becoming extinct as people had cleared the mangrove swamps without realising that it was home to the fishes for breeding or laying their eggs and young fishes. The fisheries department had realised that it had affected the source of fish supply to the local community and also to our food supply. Hopefully what the children had experienced stayed in their hearts as they grew up.

So when we want to throw rubbish into rivers and drains do think about how our actions could lead to the destruction not only of the ecosystem we live in but also hurting God’s creation. I still remember a few years prior to MCO, our environmental minister had stopped the dumping of tonnes of plastic from the west into Malaysian seas. I just can’t imagine the effect it would have on the sea creatures around our peninsula. Yet there is still indiscriminate dumping of toxic waste into rivers which has caused pollution of our drinking water and so we are affected in the end by water cuts as work had to be done to clean the reservoirs or dams. 

Recently my dog fell ill and had a yeast infection due to the fertiliser and pesticide sprayed by our immediate neighbour close to our fence. I had to send him to the vet and he is still recovering from it. Animals are God’s creation too. It is also our responsibility to care and protect them from people who do things without realising they are hurting God’s creation. 

Let us reflect on what we have done lately in our daily life so that we can care for His creation and reflect our love for Him.