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Sermon Reflection - Finding Good

Posted by Michelle Chuah on

As I reflect upon the past year since the start of  Covid 19 pandemic, I am grateful for the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life and the life of my spouse as we persevere and do our best to stand in the gap for our family members, brothers and sisters in Christ,  our team members and even clients as we all struggle through the various challenges and even tragedies that took place during this time. 

Our nation itself is struggling over the way the changing government affects the livelihood of everyone, whether in business or employment. I am thankful to see that God-fearing leaders are still doing their best to help those in need and speaking out for those who are unable to do so. 

Some people have recovered from the disease and yet some have lost their lives serving as frontliners including volunteers from the church and our beloved Pastor Ravi. 

As I recall, tragedies whether during this season of pandemic or otherwise do take place whether we are prepared or unprepared for it. But when we look back upon them, we need to see the good beyond the tragedies and how it has impacted other lives for the Glory of God. Tragedies strengthen our Faith and Hope in God. 

There were doubts and fears when the Covid 19 vaccines were first introduced into our country. Frontliners and those who are in constant direct contact with the public at their places of work were compulsory to be vaccinated. Some were badly affected by the vaccination due to their health conditions while others did not have any side effects. As a result, the government implementation was cautious and resulted in more widespread disease. This resulted in stricter Movement Control Order which affected the livelihood of the nation. But I must say that many turned to Christ when they saw the church reaching out to help the needy.

I heard from family and friends of their fear of taking the vaccination due to social media speaking up about the negative effects of the vaccination. People with comorbidities and heart problems procrastinated. My husband who is a heart patient decided to take the vaccination as he remembered that God says “He will never leave or forsake His people”. He had gone through a life threatening condition when one of his veins had ruptured due to an angioplasty procedure. God had seen him through the tragic incident. My son who had a history of asthma too decided to take the step of faith. So this is truly a time of testing and strengthening our faith in Him.

I must say that the scripture Romans 8:28 truly applies in our lives. Let us all share the Good News with someone who is in need of Jesus today.