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Sermon Reflection - Finishing Well - Resilience: Why? How?

Posted by Darren Lim on

If there was ever a race to determine the greatest procrastinator, I would certainly come a close second if not the first. That is... if I ever got round to participating.

You see, I have a tendency of putting off things that are perceived as uncomfortable or difficult. All with valid reasons, I assure you, as you absolutely cannot get things done if the right conditions are not present. Weather remains one of the chief concerns - we wouldn’t want to wash the car only to have the rain mess it up again now, would we?

Perhaps there is something about passing the mid-life threshold or it is by the leading of God, I come to realize that much of the anxiety we suffer is self-inflicted. It could come from disappointing our loved ones when we build up expectations but fail to deliver when it matters most. It could be that IKEA shelf propped against the wall while those unframed pictures gather dust or just that call to an old friend that remains a fictional conversation. At this very moment, I am painfully reminded that there is only so much time to settle that outstanding water bill before our water gets cut again.

Reflecting on the first half of my life, while there were many instances of regrets -  moments where I would have done differently if I could turn back time -  there were also pivotal moments that seemed inconsequential at that time but have come to shape my life. These ‘not what I would usually do’ decisions have made life a journey worth living. And I thank God for these moments for I know that it is by divine grace that led me to take the leap of faith before it was too late. I would not be sharing life with my wife if I had not plucked up the courage to ask her out, nor the joy of fatherhood contemplating whether we were ready to have children. All those moments together would have just been a distant dream, moments never birthed and joys never experienced. Even the opportunity to write for Ignite would not have come to pass, certainly lesser writing anxieties, but there would be many lost opportunities to bond with a group of wonderful people whom I have come to regard as my second CG.

I am somewhat of a work in progress and do suffer from bouts of relapse into procrastination but I know that Jesus is the author and perfecter of the life race set before me. In all things I have Jesus but for accountability, He has given me a lovely spouse who would never let me off the hook for missing an “I will..”. Oh certainly not that easy.