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Sermon Reflection - FUND: Giving of our Resources

Posted by Adeline Ting on

s a child, I spent most of my school holidays in my mother’s kampung, where everyone knows everyone, and everything is done together. The bond that they shared was a strong bond and they helped each other out willingly whenever possible. I would also remember that when we came back to the city, we made trips to visit some of the older children who came to the city to work or for study. Each trip to them was accompanied by a bag of fruits and some goodies, and time spent chatting. Mum would always say with a smile, “Just looking out for them on behalf of their parents.” All I saw in Mum was her kindness, generosity, and love for others. Reflecting now, I believe Mum was being a good neighbour. 

Unfortunately, the apple fell far from the tree. I must admit that the many distractions in life have caused me to grow distant from being a good neighbour. I was always busy, in a hurry, and never quite took the time to pause and really looked around me. This message was indeed timely. I began to question my existential role in this self-absorbed world. Did I pass by many who needed help? Did I really see the person and their needs? Do I really know people for who they truly are? Did I stop to help, or did I judge and walk on by? 

As I reflect upon the sermon, I hear the resounding challenge of how we can make a change to be good neighbours to others. The core of the understanding is this; anyone and everyone is our neighbour. And that we can be good neighbours by treating others how we would want to be treated. Understand that as followers of Christ, it is our privilege to love and care for our neighbours. We can start with our innermost circle of friends, colleagues, physical neighbours, extending gradually to strangers and enemies alike!

To be a good neighbour to someone ultimately requires a heart of compassion. Compassion breeds genuine love and care for others. And this love helps to open our eyes and heart, which otherwise remain shut to all around us. We cannot develop a compassionate heart overnight. But we can ask God to give us His love so that His love overcomes our shortcomings in seeing the need of others. God’s love gives a deeper compassion, breeds humility and selflessness and gives us strength to love strangers and even our enemies!

I urge you Brothers and Sisters in Christ, to let’s make a change together. Let’s be good neighbours to someone. Set out to pray blessings for our neighbours (a friend, colleague, a neighbour, the marginalized, or anyone God has placed in our lives). Let’s also apply seeing eyes. Pay attention to those around us, get to know them, inquire and listen. Our prayers become intentional when we know which areas in their lives need encouragement. Let’s also be responsive by meeting physical needs or offer words of encouragement. When God sees us helping others, God sees it as us helping Him. 

Father Lord, forgive us for the times we have failed to be a good neighbour. We lost our focus on the important task you have commanded us to - “To love your neighbour as yourself”. We may have crossed paths with the marginalized and the disadvantaged, but we do not see their need. We have not stopped to help, instead we may have judged and turned away from them. We put our own needs before theirs. We ask that You search our hearts Father Lord, and reignite the passion in our hearts to love our neighbours. Give us eyes that see, hearts filled with compassion and hands that would touch lives. Help us to be the kind of neighbours You call us to be. With grace and mercy, may we bear good witness to our neighbours through our words, deeds and actions. Amen.