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Sermon Reflection - Jesus: A Better High Priest

Posted by Abbey Thangiah on

The week 16th to 21st August 2021 is certainly an interesting week for Malaysia. We’ve seen the resignation of a Prime Minister and the appointment of another. As I am writing, I am faced with a lot of questions.

Since the Covid pandemic, I have become part of the statistics. I lost my job and am now driving Grab to make ends meet. Despite knowing the benefits of a long term investment, I have succumbed to withdraw from my EPF savings. God has certainly been good to me. He has provided what I needed at the right time. God is certainly more real and alive during these tumultuous times and I know that He will see me through and make things new and better than it was. 

The leadership of this country is certainly not easing the situation. We had less than 100 daily  Covid cases last year. As of 22nd Aug 2021, there were 262,255 active cases. My level of tolerance is thinning. I am certainly frustrated at our leaders and the mess Malaysia has become.

Two thousand years ago, the Jews were also frustrated with their leaders waiting for a hero to save them from the mess the Romans had put them in. From the most prestigious people in society as God’s chosen people, they have become lower in caste and were merely labourers and farmers in their own lands. The kings, high priests, tax collectors and the rich had certain privileges and perks from the Roman government as long as they were in agreement to Roman rule.  All of them were waiting for this hero to go to war with the Romans and restore their rights and privileges as God’s chosen people.

Imagine their shock when this eternal High Priest was born in a manger. Herod tried to kill Him by ordering a mass genocide of male children below 2 years. Despite all the miracles He performed, the high priests and businessmen at that time tried to put the disciples and Him in prison. He rode to Jerusalem on a donkey. He was betrayed by Judas and given an unfair trial. The people who called Him King wanted Barabbas to be released and Jesus crucified. The high priests plotted to kill the great High Priest.  Even when Jesus rose from the dead, the high priests bribed the guards to lie. Many Jews at that time missed the boat. They were waiting for someone else to rescue them; someone with more political power who can lead an army to defeat the Roman empire. They were expecting a hero but got a saviour instead.

Many years later, we are still looking for a better leader to suit our needs. We may pray for a hero to rise to power and replace the current government. Jesus is the great High Priest who knows our pain. The political situation during His time was worse than ours on many levels.  Jesus was chosen by God. His priesthood is secured by God’s oath. He is our perfect and permanent High Priest.  I will not let my guard down and be swayed by the current problems of today, but will focus on God.

Jesus is certainly our Great High Priest. One that I can confidently approach and trust in for better days to come.