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Sermon Reflection - Jesus: A Better Rest

Posted by Adeline Ting on

Penning the Ignite document this week on this aptly themed “Jesus-A Better Rest”, I truly felt that God was speaking to me. This is because I have not truly rested in the last few weeks. Not in mind, body or soul. 

The last few weeks have been unusually distracting for me. These distractions bred feelings of despair, anxiety, resentment, and even of hopelessness. The country is going through a political turmoil, there is also the increasing Covid cases and risks towards the impending reopening of schools, as well as increasing workload to manage remotely, piles of paperwork with tight deadlines, family and household obligations, and close friends who lost loved ones. I unknowingly (or perhaps, knowingly) got myself further involved with more worldly chaos by spending more time than necessary, following news feeds and social media on current events. I knew I was tired at the end of the stressful day and compensated with a 7-h sleep routine. But this did little as I felt I needed rest all the time. With each passing day, I felt restless, not rested. When my soul is not rested, my mind and body does not feel rested at all. 

As I am penning this down, I am reminded of what I needed the most now - a good rest for my soul. I have decided to take proactive steps to claim this rest that is found in Jesus. My first step in choosing to experience the deep rest from Jesus, is to rekindle the trust in Him so that I can release all my burdens and anxieties to Him. I will reflect on the times He has been faithful and good to me, giving thanks for all that He has provided. The certainty of His love and steadfast promise will carry me through the anxieties that I have. I will learn to view the worldly problems as momentary and small, within the scale of eternity that He has for me. I will not be overwhelmed or easily anxious, but to remain anchored in His promise. I will also learn to surrender and repent for having idols (i.e. work, achievements) in my life, which has taken precedence over Christ.  I will be more diligent and disciplined to honor the time set apart for Him (daily, weekly, seasonally), so that I can consistently have fellowship with Him, to deepen our relationship.  A deep relationship of trust leads to a good rest for the soul.

I encourage you, my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, to walk this journey with me. Let us remember and reconnect with the Rest that is only found in the Person of Jesus. The rest that is from Christ is a good rest, one that allows us to remain steadfast and at peace, knowing exactly what to do and never in a hurry, amidst all the unrest and chaos around us. Have faith in Christ, for faith leads to trust and trust leads to rest. May we all find rest in the Lord.

 “Father Lord, forgive us that amid the unrest in the world, we have often not turned to You for a complete rest. We have been ignorant and disobedient, thinking we could always do things by our own strength. Remind us Father, that the promise of eternal rest is only through Jesus. Teach us to surrender our all to You, and to give ourselves fully to You. Teach us to renew our faith and trust in You, so that we can experience a deeper rest in You. Amen.”