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Sermon Reflection - Jesus: A Better Sanctuary

Posted by Michelle Chuah on

Coming from a large extended family of believers and pre believers, I have had bad experiences with “Christians” as a young child. This was further reaffirmed through my mum who was a pre-believer but later in life came to admit that Christians are kind people. 

I, on the other hand, had come to discover the Truth of Life when I was having challenges in my adult life as I left home to work and stayed on my own. Christian colleagues where I started work had been kind and helpful to a young and inexperienced young woman. The saying that troubles come like a torrent was surely true at that time. I met Christians who truly practised the love of Jesus during these times and one even gave me a Gideons New Testament, which enabled me to turn to the Word as a guide when faced with challenges. The Word gave me peace as I faced and overcame the challenges. 

When I entered into marriage I faced another challenge with my spouse as he had lost his job when we were preparing for our wedding. This was during the economic downturn of the early 1980s. But I thank Jesus that as I continued to focus on Him and seek Him through prayer, He led us to a CG which was starting a study on the book  ‘Lord Change Me’ and we were truly blessed by it. We learn to accept each other for who we are and I also learn to accept the ways of my in-laws as we were staying with them. I learn to trust the Lord instead of trying to do things my way.

I must say that at present I face the challenge of patience and perseverance working from home as work sometimes becomes a distraction from God. Yet I seek Him for forgiveness whenever I fall short of spending time with Him. Truly I can say that I have learned to surrender our financial needs and also challenges we face such as health issues of my spouse and children into His hands. Each day I come to His Sanctuary through my quiet time as He leads me one day at a time.