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Sermon Reflection - Jesus: Mediator of a Better Covenant

Posted by Michelle Chuah on

Jesus has done it all. 

During this season of time, I have heard and seen many friends and acquaintances struggle between self guilt and helplessness. A sister who has been managing homeschooling, was concerned that she would not be able to carry on due to financial constraints when her partner decided to leave. Though trusting God for guidance, it was not easy to have to deal with parents and staff who depended on the school. After much prayer for guidance and wisdom, the steps necessary to inform the parents and staff were completed, but it was mentally and emotionally exhausting. We struggle to totally surrender our worries especially as it is a calling to serve using our God given talents. May the Lord show her the way to go forward in her future undertakings as she surrenders all to Him.

Another sister who has been a prayer warrior, interceded for her pre-university students as she helped them to achieve their grades. She helped her students although one of her students gave her unfavourable feedback. She was ready to give up on her call to stand in prayer for the students. I pray that the Lord will lead her by the quiet waters as she remains still and allow Him to heal her as He is in control of all circumstances. 

Similarly, my husband and I faced challenges during this season of time with health issues due to vaccination and the inability to go out to work due to the pandemic and Emergency Movement Control. We are also sad to hear of our colleagues and people in our industry who had succumbed to the pandemic. We truly trust God yet our mental and physical health are challenged. But, I am reminded that Jesus had gone through it all. He had suffered and gave up His life for our sake. He knows it all. 

Through this all, I still count my blessings. Others who live in war zone areas, live in constant fear of being persecuted for their beliefs. I can only thank God for His providence in all areas of our lives, trusting Him for His protection as we take one step at a time to live our lives as He leads us. 

I urge us all as believers to seek His face and draw close to Him in all circumstances trusting in the promises of the New Covenant. Do not go back to striving and trying to do things the old way.