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Sermon Reflection - Locked Down But Not Locked Out Amidst the Pandemic

Posted by Michelle Chuah on

As I look back on the past since March 2019 when the lock down MCO 1.0  had  started, I am amazed and am so thankful for the presence of Jesus Christ as my Saviour. 

The challenges at work due to the lockdown was resolved as God had provided a capable and far visioned CEO who planned and led our team of real estate negotiators to focus on training and applied Christian values of testimonies to motivate and encourage all in our real estate family. I must say he is a God fearing brother and had the support of God fearing team leaders to support his efforts in driving the company in the right direction. 

In the midst of the challenges he had responded to Christ’s call to reach out and touch lives in need. He spearheaded a donation drive to provide for the negotiators who were affected financially by the lockdown. Many leaders and negotiators who were financially comfortable gave of their savings or earnings to assist those in dire straits.

300 negotiators from the Klang valley irrespective of which agency they belonged to were blessed. My husband, who had also taken part in this drive to help fellow negotiators, testified and shared through a zoom meeting how he had been blessed by closing two sales of property in our location during the lockdown. This has been a great motivation and changed the mindset of fellow negotiators that lockdown does not mean we can’t work. If we focus on Him and do our part to answer the call to serve the community, God will always bless. 

Serving the community also includes spending time with and making time for others especially in times of emotional  distress or being psychologically overwhelmed. I recall many times during the lockdown when fellow negotiators needed advice for tense situations in their work and messaged me or my hubby at 10.30 pm. We consider them as urgent and respond to their call for help. We learn to humble ourselves and put the needs of others before our own. 

Similarly, I am blessed to belong to our W2W Mid Week Moments group where we learn more about God and how to serve Him and apply His Word in our daily lives and situations which arise. I am so thankful for He has made a Way for me to continue to keep in touch with and communicate through our zoom meetings. All things are possible with God who makes the Way. Parallel to zoom, WhatsApp has been a great help to keep in touch with and share the Word of God everyday to so many people. 

Let us not look at the challenges and be locked out but to renew our mind and follow Him as He leads us to serve others and share the Gospel.