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Sermon Reflection - The Saviour Reigns

Posted by Natalia David on

I had a plan. From the first moment I knew God was putting me on the path of being a physiotherapist I knew what had to be done. So, I made plans and goals which I followed meticulously all throughout university. I worked hard against the odds, being an arts stream student, I put every fibre of my being into studying all the things that were thrown at me even in the midst of ridicule. It felt sweet when I proved to everyone who mocked me or looked down on me that I wasn’t the failure they said I was, especially when I was one of the few who had my thesis paper published in a medical journal, thanks to my advisor who I will be forever grateful for.

It was all coming together until it just didn’t. I graduated well and I imagined landing a job wouldn’t be too hard, but it was. I applied to over 60 hospitals nationwide and about 40 centers, and went as far as Ipoh for a job interview but I was rejected by everyone. The rejection hit me hard, so when I had gotten a job in a center here in PJ I was ecstatic and so grateful. But it was far from the wonderful rainbow filled vision I had from it. Let’s just say my boss was not exactly an “ideal” boss. I had no insurance, no EPF, no Socso, no contract and my salary was paid according to her whim and fancy which wasn’t even minimum wage. I was working long hours and endured verbal abuse from her on a regular basis no matter what I did to make sure I didn’t make a mistake.

After a short 7 months I left because, honestly who wouldn’t? And the job hunt begins, again. The constant rejection was hard but mostly my plans were falling apart at the seams. I finally landed a job through an old family friend who helped run a center that did therapy for children with special needs. It was way out of my realm of understanding as I have never worked with children, but I gave it a shot. Little did I know that God was slowly unfolding his plans for my life here. Sure, the pay was not much and I had to work two jobs just to survive, but I was happy and I grew to love the kids I work with.

Three years later another change comes along and it’s time to move again. I landed a temporary job that taught me alot about myself and the things I wanted to do and the direction I wanted to go and with God’s guidance I am now where I am today. Today I am a special needs educator/therapist, working with two of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure of knowing and journeying with. I have a bunch of students I love to bits and everyday is filled with serving in this ministry. It has its turbulent and hard times but there is also joy and delightful surprises in my everydays.

When I think back, God was leading me through every moment of my journey. I learned to be good with my hands and I knew how to target pain sites on a person's body. I learned this at my first job and it is a skill I cherish. In my second job I learned how to conduct successful therapies for kids. In my third job I learned about my future and now I am learning new things and more. If I had stuck to my own plans and not followed where my Shepherd leads me, I probably wouldn’t be one of the few people who are blessed to say ‘I love my job!’.

I am so incredibly grateful that my plans fell through and I was forced to follow God’s plans for me. If I hadn’t I would probably have been really miserable and I wouldn’t be experiencing this joy that He has graciously given me according to His promises.