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Sermon Reflection - The TOP of the Staff

Posted by May Ng on

I love the fresh revelation God gave me through Pr Bill Wilson’s sermon over the weekend. From being a mobility aid to something that represents status and authority or even a defensive tool, I have come to learn that the staff is also used to record God’s deeds in one’s life.  What a beautiful symbol that God is also near, as the staff is usually in close proximity to the bearer. That way, the bearer would always have a constant, visual, in-the-face reminder of God’s character and His goodness. Putting a mark on the staff is also a very prompt and convenient method to be reminiscent of God in action. 

I used to begin every new year by buying a new journal, with every intention to diligently note down each time God shows up in my life.  Alas, as with every other new year’s resolution, this ‘new broom sweeps well’ intention soon fizzles out, and my ‘journaling’ is usually reduced to just short notes keyed in on my phone; a worsening handwriting over time also dissuades me from actually putting pen to paper.  Similarly, I must admit I do not have any knife skills to make any meaningful engravings, but God has reminded me that, in every moment of my life, He is always with me. Be it on the mountains, through the valleys or fire, He is there and remains faithful, even when I am not.  I have learnt not to put form over substance, and not to take God for granted.  There is so much of God that I need to grasp, that there is no time to wait but to always quickly make a record of what God is doing.  Writing down what God is doing is the least I can do to commemorate how God has turned up in my life each time I call upon Him. 

The markings on my imaginary staff (or the notes I have made on my phone) also serve as a memorial to me.  These markings are God’s fingerprints on my life over the years and certainly ignite my faith in Him, when faced with difficult situations.  Beyond relying on the staff for strength, I know I am backed by the Lord God Almighty.  He has worked wonders before (though not in ways I imagine), and He can do it again.  The numerous markings/notes are testimonies that He has equipped me with the courage to face the challenges head-on, with my eyes focused on Him alone.  When confronted with impossible circumstances, I need to remember that God has already prepared me – I need to obey Him, be intentional to revisit how He has come through for me and give Him all the glory for being Who He is to me. 

God is constantly working in our lives; if I were to live in biblical times, I wonder how many staffs I would need, if I were to diligently put a mark for each time God shows up in my life!  God is faithful.  I am re-affirmed in my faith to obey and to trust Him, and to always remember what He has done for me.

(Adapted from: Leaning on the top of his staff. (carlbrettle.com), Staffs in the Bible - Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer)