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Sermon Reflection - This is my Father’s World (Biblical Basis)

Posted by Adeline Ting on

My heart leapt with joy as the sermon began, for this sermon strikes a chord in me. I identify with “pollution”, “plastics”, “climate change”, “truck load of wastes”, as I know all too well their impact on plants, animals, humans, and the environment. I see that our earth is dying but men do not seem to think this is worth their attention. Therefore, to have this theme brought to light in a biblical sense, was a triumphant moment that I quietly and personally savor. 

This is my story. I spent almost two decades of my life doing my part in conserving and remediating the environment in a different manner than the common principles of “Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle, or Restore”. I take a more proactive action by sourcing for biological agents (microbes) to degrade toxic dyes and plastics, to remove heavy metals, and as substitutes to chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Our strategy here is on a green approach that minimizes input of hazardous chemicals into our earth. It has been a long, arduous, and lonely journey of evidencing the theories, creating awareness, and addressing cynical remarks. Sometimes, I ask myself, “Is this really worth it?” 

Having sat through the sermon, it has reaffirmed my faith that “It is really worth it”. As a believer, it is my responsibility to take care of the earth that God has created. I am to be concerned about issues that concern Him. And as His representative here on earth, I have a role in making the right change towards a better earth. I understand too that God has put me in this role and I must labor faithfully. I am thankful that my pursuit is aligned to taking care of the earth as God has commanded. I am grateful that I am constantly aware of how our earth is doing, and I get to educate that to my students to spread awareness. It is my earnest hope that our work offers sustainable solutions to conserve and preserve our earth. Although it is a drop in the ocean, I shall have faith that it will send ripples of change through eternity. I am now empowered to do my bit even more, so I can be a more effective steward for His creation. Likewise, dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, keep up with your effort in doing your bit for the earth. Whichever capacity you are in, or the role that God has called you out to serve for His creation, do so with an affirmed faith that it is meaningful to God. What men may not understand, God sees and appreciates what you do.  

“Father Lord, forgive us for forsaking Your creation-the earth. Many times, we pay little attention to our roles as stewards of the earth that You have entrusted us with. Renew our passion in caring for Your creation. Help us to see issues that concern You and help us to have the courage to make a change for the better. Let us be good ambassadors for You on earth, to guard Your creations effectively. Amen.”