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Sermon Reflection - What Do I Do for the Church?

Posted by May Ng on

As the Holy Spirit would have His way, it is no coincidence that I found myself writing this weekend.

Pr Terry’s sermon this weekend resonated deafeningly in me.  I am one of those in the congregation whom he called out as used to being in ‘G-Yuk’ together – besides our collective love for (cooked) hog meat, it was the affectionate name for our Cell Group (CG), a combination of “Gilbert’ & ‘Yukiko’ (Pr Gilbert’s lovely wife).  Tears welled up as Pr Terry recounted his experience, and I share every bit of it as well.

I was a wreck when I first visited G-Yuk over a decade ago.  Pr Gilbert was the only cell leader who picked up my call when I first enquired about attending CG then.  (Back then, CG leaders’ phone numbers were listed on the church website for CG visitation purposes.) This truly charted the course of my Christian growth and walk.  I was a new believer then and drowning in my challenges.  But the CG, led by Pr Gilbert and Yukiko, rallied around me.  Their consistent selfless and tireless dedication to ensure that I was doing well and getting better showed me a glimpse of what the love of Jesus actually looked like on earth.  Like what Pr Terry shared, we are recharged and energised after CG every Wednesday.  We ate together, studied the Word together and did loads of fun stuff together.  It is not a mere social gathering – Christ is always in the centre of all that we do and is exalted each time.  It was the CG’s genuine love and care, standing by me through my ugliness that established in me that no one should be without a CG.  The CG became a very close second home. The CG members also became my multiple journey partners as we held each other accountable in doing life together for particular seasons.  This ‘legacy’ continued on even as we tearfully multiplied – Kenny and Anne Tan continue to lead my CG with much love, grace and humility. 

The cell is an extension of the church to me.  As the Holy Spirit would orchestrate my paths, my first assignment for Floodgates back then was to cover the cell church conference held in DUMC.  The speakers and workshops drove home the point of how crucial it is to be part of a CG.  I am glad I obeyed the Holy Spirit’s promptings!

I am very blessed to be the recipient of such immense love from the CG. Because I have been given so much, I would like others to experience the same as well. This foretaste drives and encourages me to pass on such love to the community around me.  Among others, I prayerfully set aside time to be a listening ear to those who are in need, and to serve others in my capacity (not just within the CG).  No doubt, challenges abound in doing good, but I am inspired to not give up.  We walk in obedience to God’s will, do what He commands us to do, and He will bless our limited human efforts.

The love, comfort, shepherding and edification afforded by the CG remains as one of my life’s anchors. Let us heed Christ’s commands, and do good to everyone.