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Sermon Reflection - What Does the Church Do for Me?

Posted by Adeliyn Lim on

Growing up as a military kid with Christian parents meant that we moved from one church to another with every relocation. When the time came for university and the need to find a new church for myself arose,  I went “church shopping” for the first time. I tried out churches of different denominations. Eventually I went to a Pentecostal church where some of my university mates attended. I continued attending the church even though I did not feel comfortable at times, as I have yet to speak in tongues. When my family moved near my university, I chose to leave that church and joined my family’s church of choice.

Then I went to Singapore for a semester and had to find a church again. I tried a few churches recommended by my friends. One day, I did a Google search and found Aldersgate Methodist Church during semester break. I remembered walking into the church and had this feeling of extreme familiarity even though I did not know a single person there. It was as though I was being welcomed home in the spirit. I never had that feeling walking into any church before that.

Coming back to Malaysia, I went back to the church which my family attended, but I was not able to get comfortable for many reasons. After some time, even my family decided to change churches. That was when I decided to find a church for myself, and the main criterion was that it should feel similar to how I felt the first time I stepped into Aldersgate.

When my friend asked me to join her at Dream Centre back in June 2012, I was a bit skeptical as I never liked big churches in Singapore. But when I walked into the auditorium, that happy feeling of being welcomed home returned. And I stayed ever since.