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#ServePeople: Ang

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Every week for four to five years now, we have been collecting bread from bakeries that are willing to give us their leftovers on weeknights, and distributing this food to the needy. Usually, we give this food to people like security guards, road sweepers, cleaners- anyone who has to feed their family on a meagre wage.

Sometimes, we get tired or even unwell, but we push ourselves to do what we do. Our heart behind this is that we’re helping people save money for a meal, and if we don’t go collecting bread, there will be people who go hungry.

We have learnt two main things through serving. First off, we take a lot of things for granted. Watching someone take the bread we collect for them and eat it immediately shows that we don’t always appreciate the act of buying bread from a bakery.

Also, we learnt that we can ‘preach’ to people through our actions. Once, our condominium’s security manager asked us if we were preachers or pastors, even though we have never preached a word from the Bible to the guard! Truly our actions are our ministry.

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