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#ServePeople: Chee Ming

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In obedience to God's call, our PJS 1 Subang Jaya SS19 CG decided to step out to touch others in our community, as we felt that we had been rather insular every Friday when we meet for cell group meetings. Our CG members are mostly retired seniors, with our oldest member being around 78 years of age.

Since 2016, we had been unsuccessfully trying to "adopt" a needy family in our area. Finally, we got an opportunity to reach out to patients at Beacon Hospital in PJ Old Town via our CG member Ibu Oen, 73, who was then a volunteer there. She would frequently comfort and minister to the patients there and is now a staff member.

Since then, about six to nine of us have made three visits to the hospital, usually going on Friday afternoons. We start our sessions with worship, and then minister to patients and their family members, with some guidance from the staff.

We have to be multi-lingual on our visits while bringing five key things- the presence of God, the peace and comfort of God, prayer, the power of God’s healing and presents; be it neck rests or literature for their spiritual needs.

So far, there have been three salvations and one rededication, with many wanting to receive prayers of blessings. At other times, many other patients and families are ministered to or even receive salvation through Oen and other staff members at the hospital.

The staff at Beacon are very caring, knowing their patients well and talking to us about the patient’s spiritual conditions. Because of this, so many patients and family members have either recently accepted Christ upon their duration at the hospital, or would have received prayer and heard about Jesus before they leave.

We are also blessed back when we heard their testimonies. Jeff (not his real name) was one very encouraging encounter. He was very involved in the dark world and out of desperation had challenged Jesus to appear to him. Indeed, the Lord appeared before him in bright light, with outstretched arms and a clear face! Jeff tried to capture the moment on his cell phone, but to his surprise, it could not be captured.

His testimony was so engaging that we asked his roommate, Ah Hong, to come and listen. Ah Hong wasn’t open to us prior but joined in to listen. We were in awe!

Upon hearing testimonies and stories of healing, our cell group is very encouraged. We feel very fulfilled to be able to have this opportunity to reach out regularly to other, and to exercise our faith. We have received grace through Christ, and hence, we are most happy to have the opportunity to volunteer and share this grace with others!

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