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#ServePeople: Kong Seng

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I started serving because I felt that my faith, without service, was meaningless. I decided to serve by picking up the Myanmarese congregation. As their service starts at midnight, I have to be at church every week at around 10:15 PM. I am on the first shift to pick people up, so I usually reach home at 1:30 AM.

The true unsung heroes are the ones who do drop-offs after Myanmar Celebrations because they only get home after 4 AM. The Myanmar ministry leaders also cook supper for the congregation for after the service.

The churchgoers are always in their Sunday best, putting me to shame in my casual attire. It's also such a joy to watch how excited they are about attending Celebrations. Serving them has changed how I approach Celebration - I now have come to always seek an encounter with God.

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