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#ServePeople: Seng Kiong

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I was at the hospital to visit a friend and decided to bless others by paying for their parking tickets. As I went around looking, I didn't know I was being noticed. Anyway, I paid the parking fee for those cars.

The funny part was that I ran out of coins to pay for my car!

As I walked towards my car, a gentleman came up to me and asked what I was doing. My explanation to him was that I am a Christian and we are called to be a blessing to the people around us. So I took the liberty to bless those cars without a ticket but ran out of coins to pay for my car.

We had a good laugh.

He then took out some coins and said he would pay the parking ticket for my car! I gently refused, but he insisted that I took the coins and said this is something amazing that he has not seen before.

It's amazing when we want to be a blessing and end up being blessed at the same time! 

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