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What is Inductive Bible Study?

An investigative approach to the Word, Inductive Bible Study is an impartial way for us to learn the Scriptural text in its accuracy and integrity. This method will help participants understand and receive the Word of God more faithfully.

Why the Inductive Approach?

This approach best suits the nature of the Bible because:

  1. The Bible stands outside of ourselves and has its own message to speak to us.
  2. The Bible calls us to hear its message on its own terms. The Bible wishes to speak a new word to us, challenging our assumptions rather than conforming to them.

Through this study, participants will learn to:

  • Balance between the analytical and contemplative nature of Bible reading.
  • Open their minds to the Scriptures as the living Word and challenge cultural assumptions.
  • Be learners and teachers of one another, forming a hermeneutical community around the Scriptural text.
  • Be more independent of teachers, preachers, commentaries or books when it comes to Scriptural understanding.
  • Exercise the 3 systematic steps to inductive Bible studying — observation, interpretation and application.

How to Prepare for an Inductive Bible Study Class?

While it is important for us to know how to study the Bible on our own, Bible Study is best done in a community. At IBS, diversity brings richer understanding. Studying in a group will avoid false or mistaken individualistic interpretations and assumptions of Scriptures.

We encourage all participants to spend about 4 hours a week doing their personal study before joining a Sunday class. Sunday classes are a time for group work and discussion based on the personal study. There is no teaching or preaching in the Sunday classes. The group discussion confirms, clarifies and corrects as participants discover the truth of Scripture for themselves.

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