Sermon Reflection

Sermon Reflection: Finding Rest in Jesus

Contributed by Darren Lim • May 14, 2024

It is Mother’s Day. My boys and I had planned to spoil my wife with a languid brunch indulging in coffee and fine pastries. You can understand my annoyance when my wife decided at the very last minute to suggest her preference to go to MidValley. To make matters worse, I hated MidValley with a burning passion that is only surpassed by a humid trip to the ‘pasar malam’ (night market). The unbearable crowd, the terrible traffic, the need to wait in line for everything irks me so! The money spent and endless walking leaves me feeling by the end of the day that very little has been accomplished.

You would be able to feel me (hopefully sympathise if not identify) as I share that I am very much a Martha. I don’t respond well to a good plan shattered at the eleventh hour. I easily get overwhelmed by unanticipated changes. I want to think less of myself and instead of what others want but end up feeling miserable. In any case, I gritted my teeth and said ok. My wife wasn’t too happy with my response. Being married for more than a decade means she could read my non-verbal cues. Why is it my fault again even when I try to do something nice and sacrificial for others? I prayed to Jesus in my heart that He would give me the energy to get through the day and braced myself for the anticipated crowd.

What I experienced then was a sense of calmness and openness in me that was beyond description. There was a point where I had to take timeout at a cafe to rest my legs but I handled the kids well while my wife continued on. She very much appreciated it. As I sat there sipping on a cold brew and reflecting on the day, I sensed in my heart of hearts that the Holy Spirit was reminding me of this sermon message. He was telling me that it didn’t matter how well laid out a plan was nor the fairness of a situation. The matter of enjoyment and sacrificial serving isn’t a choice between being self-centred and other-centred. It isn’t about meeting obligations nor is it about satisfying others’ needs and wants. It must first and foremost be about being God-focused. As I sat there pondering (for a good time I must say), I found myself recognising that God is sovereign and no matter wherever or whatever happens, I am precisely where I am supposed to be. There may yet be wonderful experiences to enjoy, cherished moments to foster and chance encounters to be made. With every sip of that refreshing cold brew, I find rest and surety that Jesus will be with me every step of the way in this adventure, be it a roller-coaster ride or a cruising flight. Just as the cold brew refreshed my body, so drawing from Jesus refreshes my soul, ensuring I never run on empty.

Proudly adapting what Buzz Lightyear declares in Toy Story with hope and enthusiasm: “To eternity and beyond!