Sermon Reflection

Sermon Reflection: God’s Sovereign Choice

Contributed by Michelle Chuah • May 21, 2024

Dear Lord Jesus,

It’s been some forty over years since I have come to know and accept You as my Lord, God and Saviour. There have been good times and challenging times and I thank You for all that I have experienced all these years. Your Word has been a comfort during challenging times especially when faced with finance which was almost zero. Yet, You have been on time for me and my family and we had never gone hungry or lacked all these years.

I am sorry for the times when we run ahead of You trying to do things our way by worrying and planning ahead for the future. Only to be disappointed by the outcome because we did not seek You nor wait for Your leading.

Yet many times, I praise and rejoice for Your blessings which You have provided. Yet, we wondered what was the mystery that had unfolded just last week.

Recently, we were surprised to receive an invitation for a lucky draw ceremony for travel. My husband was so excited as the Grand Prize was a return business class air ticket to London for the winner. I had secretly prayed that Your will be done in this matter as it is only for 1 ticket and so when the day arrived and we waited for his number to be called, he was shocked and confused to get a ticket to Jeddah. In the midst of this situation, he was led to exchange the ticket with a Malay lady who had won a return ticket to Yangon, Myanmar although it was of lesser value as he felt the destination to the Middle East may not be conducive during this season.

But unfortunately we found out later that it was difficult for foreigners to get a Visa to visit Myanmar due to the political situation. He was then led again to give away the prize and You had impressed upon his heart to pass it to our Myanmar Pastor to bless another person who needs it.

So we realised Lord, that You work in ways we do not understand, it is indeed a mystery. Are You testing us? Have You got another plan for us?

I must remember to be still oh Lord, and wait for You to lead us.

Thank You for always watching over us and keeping us safe and bonded together as a family. I ask Lord, that You will be with us as our family travels together soon. Amen.