Sermon Reflection

Sermon Reflection: Spiritual Victory over Human Weakness

Contributed by Adeline Ting • Apr 23, 2024

Struggle. “The” word that many Christians thought we should be free from, especially that we have been redeemed by Christ. Instead, struggle exists every day in our Christian life. The spirit and the flesh battles constantly, causing us to struggle over big and small things in our lives. Struggle is inevitable, although it varies by individual, presenting itself in relationships, family, work, and health and wealth, among others. It does not help that we, as humans, are sinful by nature, and it takes greater conscious effort to gain victory over our human weaknesses.

Thirty plus years ago, when I was first redeemed, I thought my new life would be easy as I am now a child of God. But how wrong I was. Aside from the worldly challenges, I had an additional set of challenges – the spiritual side. Trying to keep up with being righteous was a whole new ball game! While I kept up with the busy load of a student, I had to ensure that I also spent time learning the Word. While I socialise with non-believer friends, I had to also make more time to fellowship with my CG too. Things got a little more complicated when I started working and having my own family, as I battled with personal quiet time, attending church and serving God. I find myself exhausted at times, juggling too many things, struggling to do what is right, and feeling trapped by the mundane routine of life. In fact, I realised that being a Christian does not spare me from sin and evil.  I am still struggling to break free from the influence of sin and temptations in my life.

But despite it all, I am thankful for the struggles I go through, and am still going through. I have come to realise that I have made progress and grown in Christ through my struggles. My faith has grown by leaps and bounds through every answered (and unanswered) prayer. I have seen the hand of God in my life, opening and closing doors that guides me to be where I am today. I have learnt to surrender and call out to Him and to trust in God’s sovereign plans. And most importantly, I know that I cannot battle and overcome my struggles on my own strength. I need Christ. His power can help me overcome my struggles and sins. Honestly, I am not working towards being sinless, but I seek God to help deliver me from my sinful struggles though the faith I have in Him.