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Urbanisation and its effect on urban-induced poverty have long been a critical concern to many in the city. An unpredicted life event, such as a terminal illness, a lawsuit, an accident, sudden death of a loved one, an abusive spouse, a runaway teenager, can instantly break the shalom and hope within the community. Help Desk was set up for this purpose: to provide welfare aid and assistance to those who are struck by life circumstances; to regain hope and purpose so that one can move on in one life journey.

Since the first case in 2008, we have served more than 600 families, both Malaysian and other nationalities. One of the initiatives under Help Desk is the “CG adopt a family or community programme” where we connect the cell members to the underprivileged and journey with the families/communities, providing relief and empowering the individuals towards wholeness and development.

As we journey with the families, we share their joy and pain; we celebrate their small steps towards wholeness and inspire hope through our small acts of kindness and love.

For more information, please contact:
Helpline: +6016 918 9968