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What are Youth Groups?

Hello! Thanks for visiting our page. We’re the Teens and Campus Ministry of DUMC. We exist to disciple a generation to win a generation for Jesus. Be a part of NextGen by joining a Cell Group (CG). In our CGs, we learn more about God by exploring the Bible together and have lots of fun with friends while we’re at it! Join us as we grow alongside one another as young men and women into the likeness of Jesus Christ.

In NextGen, it’s our hope to see teens and campus students (we call them NextGenners!) love God, serve people and make disciples — in their own schools and campuses, and in the world.

We do that with three emphases of discipleship by building:

Intimacy with Christ

Our desire is that all teens and campus students in NextGen will have an intimate relationship with Jesus. This forms the very foundation in the way we run our events and programmes. We strive to promote every NextGenner to a generation of true worshippers, grounded in Scripture, and fervent in prayer.

Influence among Peers

From an overflow of hearts that are tuned to God, comes a heartbeat for the lost. Every NextGenner can connect with their culture and reach out to impact their world. All for the sake of the Kingdom.

Intergration to Church and Community

DUMC is a church that is serious about the family and community. NextGen is not a standalone community, but one that ebbs and flows with the bigger church family.

Our areas of integration are:

  • Between Children’s Church, Teens & Campus Work
  • Between parents and children
  • Between pastors and congregation
  • Between ministries and leaders / pastors of various ministries
  • Between churches with kindred spirits and vision
  • Between the individual and community at large

Our Meetings

One of the ways we disciple the NextGenners using the three emphases is by creating two separate environments within NextGen.

Teens Live (13-17 years old)

Secondary school students meet on the last Saturday of the month at 2:00 pm at Dream Centre’s The Space, Level 2.

Campus Live (18-23 years old)

Campus students meet on the last Friday of the month at 8:30 pm at Dream Centre’s The Space, Level 2.

Cell Groups

Within these two environments, we place our NextGenners in Cell Groups —our core unit in DUMC. Through Cell Groups, we foster deeper relationships among teens and campus students while exploring faith and life relevant to their age groups.

Cell Groups happen on Fridays and Saturdays, either in homes or in Dream Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a Christian. Can I be part of NextGen?

Absolutely! We welcome anyone between the age 13 to 23 years old. Join us and explore your faith together.

Where do I go on my first visit to NextGen?

You can reach us at nextgen@dumc.my and someone will help connect you to a Cell Group.

What happens at a typical NextGen meeting?

NextGen meets weekly in Cell Groups (CG). A typical CG meeting includes a time of games, worship (in song and prayer), and sharing from the Bible. In line with the DNA of the church, CGs play a crucial role in helping us build deep, meaningful relationships in our journey of faith.

Once a month, all the CGs will gather together for an exciting time of learning as we eat, sing, and listen to inspirational speakers talk about their life with Jesus. 

Keep up to date with us on our socials @nextgen.dumc on Instagram and Facebook.

Join NextGen

Join us as we learn more about God, about Jesus, about our generation and have fun while we’re at it. Connect and grow with one another as peers and accountability partners to grow into men and women of Christlikeness.