Baptism & Membership

Now in Him we live

Baptism is a Holy Sacrament through which followers of Jesus are initiated into Christ and His holy Church. Through baptism, we are included into God’s mighty acts of salvation and given new birth through water and the Spirit. This is God’s gift, offered to us without price. Since baptism is the entry way into His life and His people, it is participated by the local congregation who receive the newly baptised.

At DUMC, baptisms are conducted by immersion during Saturday or Sunday celebrations for those who are of-age to understand and receive the Gospel, after undergoing a series of preparatory classes. A pastoral interview is conducted to affirm that their faith and commitment to Christ is genuine. Those newly baptised are simultaneously incorporated into the membership of DUMC.

Those who desire to transfer their membership to DUMC undergo the same number of preparatory classes and pastoral interview as those seeking to be baptised.

All members of the church are also to be active members in DUMC’s cell groups as the core means to participate in the local church.


Anyone who wants to be baptised or become a member of DUMC must undergo three classes:

  • Basic Doctrine 1 (Basic Christianity 101)
  • Intro to DUMC (DUMC 101)
  • Baptism and Membership Encounter Weekend (BMEW)

BMEW is a stay-in weekend away to uncover the past and discover the future. This class will help you, among a few other things, to be sure of your salvation and to break away from past bondages. These classes will also guide you through the next steps to the date of your baptism. For more information about these classes, click here.

Beside attending the three classes you must also be plugged into community by finding and joining a DUMC Cell group. For more information about cell group, click here.

Your baptism will be confirmed upon an interview with your Zone Pastor.

We recommend no less than 6 months to one year to prepare for your baptism or membership.


If you would like to get more information about getting baptised in DUMC, send us a message here and our team will be happy to help.