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I was playing badminton when I did a hard smash and completely dislocated my right shoulder. It was around 10pm. I was immediately sent to the hospital, but was made to wait till 8am the following day before they could put me under GA (General Anesthesia, to completely relax my muscles as the process of popping it back would be very painful).

Throughout the night I could not sleep due to the pain. I was exhausted. I could not move my arm from the same position for up to 7 hours (raised 90 degrees to the side, I couldn't move it to any other position without feeling intense pain). At 5am, I whispered my last desperate prayer for His help. Then I lay down again and tried for the umpteenth time to slowly move my arm to the side of my body. I finally could, without pain! And I finally slept. (It was still dislocated when I fell asleep)

At 6am I was woken up to prepare for the GA, when I suddenly realised that my shoulder had actually popped back into place without external interference! It was like God put me under His GA, and did His own minor procedure to put it back into place. I did another X-ray and was discharged immediately.

All praise and glory to Him!