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Start the new chapter of your lives prepared

At DUMC, when a couple wants to get married in the next 24 months, we want them to be prepared for it. We view marriage as a reflection of God’s love and Christ’s union with His church. This is a gift we want to be intentional in receiving. That’s why we encourage the marriage-intending couple to undergo formal premarital counselling.

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What does PMC hope to achieve?

  • DUMC will be responsible and accountable for the welfare of any marriage blessed in DUMC. That’s why we want to set a great foundation in the marriage. Our emphasis is not on the wedding day, but a lifelong relationship that is enriching and God-honouring.
  • It allows zone pastors to know the couple personally, connecting them to the church.
  • It allows the counsellor and the couple to build an accountability structure — to guard and protect the marriage.
  • It gets the couple to be intentional about their courtship and marriage. It corrects any inappropriate biblical understanding of marriage. It also equips the couple with the necessary tools to enrich the relationship.
  • It allows the couple to be certain of their decision to marry and the person they are marrying. It may come to a point where the marriage is postponed till primary issues are sorted out, or a decision where the marriage does not proceed at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who may sign up for this PMC programme?

This programme is opened to DUMC members. If one partner is a DUMC member, you may enrol in the programme.

How long does it take to complete the PMC programme?

Allocate a minimum of 6 months to complete the programme as follow:
• 6 weeks for the PMC workshop, and:
• 4-6 months for one-on-one session with your PMC counsellors (both will occur concurrently and/or interchangeably).

What if we missed the sessions of the PMC workshop?

You can both join the next run. We have 2 runs a year. Please check with us for dates of the next workshops.

Can we change PMC counsellors?

You will need to contact your Zone Pastor.


  1. Contact the church office at +603 7498 8488
  2. For more info, you can email us at

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